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Spiritual Messages from Susan

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article: 02-05-2021

Heading 6
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 In order to achieve Spiritual Balance, it is necessary to begin Level.

Beginning Level means having equilibrium on the horizontal line.

The horizontal line just means how balanced you feel as you stand now.

Standing in balance means standing in a feeling of at ease and stable.

At ease and stable begins with knowing yourself as an integrated being.


The letters in STEPS each stand for the aspects that must be balanced.

When these 5 aspects are in balance, you will be integrated and aligned.

Being aligned in all 5 aspects horizontally allows you rise up in balance.

When you are out of alignment in these areas, you tip up and down.

It is imperative to stay stable and balanced or you will feel unbalanced.

The 5 Letters that must remain Level and kept in balance within are:

S =Spiritual nature as the first image and connection for you

T=Thoughts must be flowing in harmony with Spiritual Source

E=Energy in motion means that all emotions flow evenly

P=Physical body that houses ‘you’ is well cared for every way

S=Social relationships are pleasant and have good interactions


S = Spiritual nature as the first image and connection for you:

The first order of Spiritual Balance is to have your whole spirit operating in harmony with its Creator. Think of your Spirit as your true self in a supernatural form in the way it was planned to run. It is an identity and image that mirrors the real you. It has a voice and a way of being that feels at ease. It carries an innocence or free spirit that doesn’t respond well to force. It loves and connects to the power of love and nurture. How to connect with this true essence is only found from the Sovereign Power Source in you that speaks to you in the highest ways. Everyone has an inner Guidance System to help them hear it.


T = Thoughts must be flowing in harmony with Spiritual Source:

All thoughts must be coming from inner truth vs. any outer programs that have been installed. All thoughts have to be taken captive so they can be freed from lies and false beliefs told from others. Human programs requiring thinking and figuring things out without Spiritual Sources need to be let go. Thinking with doubt, fear and worry are the old ways and they inhibit trusting the Higher self to use intuition and know things not explained through logic. Thoughts will flow from a Higher Realm that gives personal peace and sovereignty to your mind.


E = Emotional well being will begin to flow from the true energy that resonates within your spiritual being. Feelings from old forms of raw anger, bitterness, resentment, anxious feelings and other unhealed memories will have to be reconnected to unconditional, Perfect love. Once your soul feels safe to let go of lies and false beliefs, emotions become steady and sure with dependency on inner trust. That trust is always present and gives confidence to see beyond what appears or tries to rob peace and joy within. Self confidence trusts the inner knowing.


P = Physical body that houses ‘you’ is well cared for every way:

Physical (life) realm does need a survivor programmed self to operate automatically. It is mainly to face of real danger and to help navigate the civil and moral codes of the world. It is a default system that kicks in when we need it because our brain is wired to the nervous systems of our physical body. It is also used to run the physical systems of our physical body. Our survivor (physical body) is not meant to be our Main Master. However, most people are using it that way and, as their first embodiment. Then, all else is added on top of that. Spiritual balance is actually the reverse of that. The Spirit Realm is the Source and beginning of wellness and balance and your body is the physical container used to express that beautifully perfect Divine Essence.


 S = Social relationships are pleasant and have good interactions:

Social relationships are all given to help us grow and evolve into even more enjoyment while living on this earth. They are given as allies to connect with and learn to appreciate. Each being you meet is also an aspect of us even though they appear to be opposite in many cases. The ones we immediately love and feel closest or most intimately relate to are aspects that we like and enjoy about ourselves. The ones we fight and feel are enemies are often the dark shadows we have hidden from because we do not like those characteristics in us.

Think of your nemesis as a gift to show you something about yourself. Observe them with curiosity and wonder without judgment. Imagine that you can love them or at least give them the same grace as God gives you. All social interactions are one of our greatest gifts when perceived that way. Our friends are great companions. Our lovers stand by us and support us in our darkest hours. Our enemies show us how to expand our love when we know they are still a part of God’s creation and not objects for us to judge. Only God knows what is intended for every life and how it will be used. Our focus must always be to be sure that God knows what He is doing and is always in control. This frees us up to enjoy life and let God handle His children and all they create knowing we are all one within the Mind of God Consciousness.

All life depends on these 5 aspects being in harmonious agreement within in order for the individual to be stable.

Many people devote their entire life to seeing themselves from the physical and social forms they inhabit. Obviously, they might still have a spiritual nature or possess thoughts and emotions from good intentions. However, when all five aspects are not integrated as an entire whole being, there will be imbalances within, as the individual is not operating from unity. In order to have a sense of wholeness, all parts of each of us must be in agreement with all other parts. The walls, divisions and separations all humans possess will force actions from fragments of self unless work is done to connect them.


Creating reality (how you form or shape your worldview) will always be in correspondence to how whole and connected you feel within your inner being. The inner being is the core of self image, self esteem, self identity, and self observation. All these aspects will need to align and come from your Highest Divine Source. That is the place where everyone draws life essence.


Without this stable source for inner substance to infuse us energetically, we are always ill at ease. We feel out of sorts and know something is missing so life is turbulent and fearful. This sets up anxiety and the upset of all low, depressing emotions.


Conversely, when a person begins on a level ground knowing they are drawing breath and life from the Divine Source that created them and all that keeps the universe balanced, they will be stable. Inside that energy, thoughts and emotions will partner with the source of wellness and hope. In turn, the world inhabited will be viewed as turning out good vs. spinning out of control. There will be harmonious social connections, as they will flow from the essence of Perfect Love.


In Conclusion, the tips need to begin with a Spiritual Identity by connecting to your true self, which stands in truth and honesty. This emanates from an inner being at peace. Inner peace must be a daily practice gained by prayer, meditation, reading spiritual material and listening to the Presence of unconditional Love. Be still and get to Know all that is within!


Things will begin to flow and shift how thoughts form and emotions begin to take shape. It is this Higher Presence that gives a spiritual sense that takes you above the five senses of mere human ‘being.’ Spiritual sense is still, gentle and does not judge any of your thoughts and emotions or actions. The Divine Desire is that you grow and develop your wholeness in true partnership with the whole essence of this Love. This condition of peace and feeling loved gives a new sense of safety and security not found in the outer world as it is now.


The Spirit of God will produce new thoughts and feelings that keep you stable enough to produce a reality that allows you to stop depending on others’ opinions and suggestions about you. It also allows you to stop all feelings of guilt and pressure to do something to make yourself feel better or earn love in any ways the world dictates. Layers of old pressures begin to lift.


The physical realm is the practice stage. In the old human way, it was the outer world that was dictating and was mostly in conflict with the inner self. With ‘STEPS’ in balance, the whole self just knows the actions to take and the words to speak in order to create all reality to come from within. More and more abundance fills the physical life as healthy satisfaction and contentment keeps life growing and expanding from inside.


Social interactions integrated by Perfect Love operate in unity.

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The Image of Divine Love

divine love
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I Am Made in the Image Of Divine Love. Therefore, I have a pure love form to access right within the essence of me! What would change if I drew my internal self image from the Creator of all? What would it feel like to know ‘me,’ as I am known by the One Who first Created my first image-everything I am now or ever will dream to be from Perfect Love?


In order to answer these questions, I know it is up to me to focus and pay attention to the Source of All that is Authored by Perfect and Lovely. The truth is that it is easy to keep shifting focus to an internalized view when I trust that I am made innocent in the eyes of God and that cannot be changed. Evolving from within the heart of God as a parent helps me become more transparent and honest in all I say and do as I trust there is no judgment here. There is simply molding and shaping me to return to the Source of Love and hear real truth from inside a sound mind.


This truth sets me free from all the encumbrances of the world’s opinions of me when I form my relationship with my self within His relationship with ‘my self.’ My true self contains the truth of me and continuously promotes growth in me from the Source of Perfect Love.


Love that is perfect contains all the elements to make something GOOD. Therefore, only my beliefs can ever limit the ability for God to make me feel good, see myself as His goodness and keep developing my self image from that centered position. On Point in the Center of God’s Love will balance all my instability.  His Light lifts all the burdens of false beliefs.

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words article
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                                              WORDS TO CONTEMPLATE

Absolved means to be vindicated and free or cleared of charges of crime
Incriminate means to Charge or show evidence, fault or involvement in

Choosing means to select freely and decide after consideration, elect to
Forcing means using strength or pressured energy from ‘having to’ do it

Allowing means permitting or reckoning as an aim to approve/consider
Authoritative gives dictatorial or tyrannical and dogmatic approaches

The following are more words to notice. Look up their meanings for
your own ways of forming self concepts or form inner constructs, voice
and values that align with your true Highest Observer that speaks in
tones you personally value and desire to hold within your ideal self.
Respectful                            Inspirational                            Unifying
Whereas                               Whereas                                   Whereas
Demeaning                          Mundane                                 Divisive


Check into what you believe about yourself and ask if there are ways
you treat others and treat yourself that you could shift to align and
harmonize better with the Aims you have to have life in a Best Well Self

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       Divine Life is the Reconnecting of true Power to the Source of Divine Power Lines


It is based on an Integrated Life that comes to be from knowing its Creator and allowing that Source to form a whole new self with a regenerated mind through an intimate relationship with I Am. I am is the first narrative of ‘you’ that becomes connected with a stable new mind, body and spirit in harmony with all aspects of self. It transcends the old human way of thinking using divisions and separate aspects of self and others that form schisms within and get projected out to the external world and its contents.















It is a process that is new daily and is gained through introspection and seeking help from within to grow from the seeds of spirit potential. Simply using human knowledge is limited by the outer world with its distractions and confusing opinions full of disconnected noise and faulty influences. The inner world of the spirit is quiet, reflective and meditative and finds its truth from higher aspects of its divinity. The inner world is a world seeking to find peace within that is not dependent on others. It is based on wisdom and love that transcends the human foundations.


All Human minds are split and double as they are in parts or aspects that are combating each other. The conflict within all human nervous systems is based on animal natures that automatically react from fight or flight. Humans do that same behavior model but the difference is that humans are not created to merely survive. Humans are designed to rise above animal instincts and find connections with God, self and others so they can thrive and take dominion (self sovereignty). Humans are equipped with a potential baseline automatic program that is connected to a higher mind and smart brain that is like a computer that can make rational and reasonable decisions. That mind is connected to the human spirit and cannot be severed. Humans are given the choice to turn away from its power. This is a choice of their free will and it keeps them free to keep experiencing and learning from their trials and erroneous thinking patterns if they choose those.


Training, learning for human children without the influence of the Spirit of God will be full of information and mirroring based on the society and adults they were raised in and will still be under the influence of more programming even when taught to think critically. In addition, the programs of religious, political, educational, business, and all societal or cultural programs will influence the human brain. Currently, most humans are using a linear or double mind that is full of programs that are full of false constructs. This is often confusing to children bred under its captivity and gives rises to mixed or separated/divisive messages. Those messages are locked into the brain and its nervous systems full of energy that carries repressed emotions that were filed in their raw forms.






The integrated mind has taken the journey that goes within to connect to true self in three aspects using the mind, body and spirit located within each human. These  areas get turned on and connected to the corresponding aspects of the Highest Best self-image as made in the image of The Creator of all that is real and forms everything. Through seeking and joining with those Divine Power Lines, a new self-image and world view appears fully connected to the Source or Spirit of God using a voice that speaks with a personal influence to each of its children. Some people refer to this as Supernatural Intelligence or Consciousness or the God of all creation. Those who seek this God through the spiritual realm do tap into its Presence through an inner knowing. New bonding happens and our being shifts over and over as it unfolds with the new light radiating truth and Perfect love.









Imagine it this way. Humans are three part beings : mind, body and spirit. At their highest best point, they are still that in form. Seeking that Highest, Best Source is a journey and like any journey taken, it needs a good Guide. The Spirit of God is the Guide. This Guide has a system that is analogous to a View…like humans use a worldview. The worldview God uses is called His Kingdom or the Kingdom of God and is located in potential energy in all that is. We can see it in nature as things unfold as they are meant to be. Examples might be the butterfly and its stages of metamorphosis or any animal that goes from its baby form to its adult creature. It changes and grows and develops. Imagine yourself to be that way. YOU begin as a baby, learn and are trained as a ‘kid’ and begin to shape habits and thought patterns as you grow.







When a human stops growing physically and only matures his mind (or, not) with the world and its constructs and concepts, even knowledge gained will continue to be under interpretation of those old systems and trainings of mind and body as though they were separated from God even though that is an illusion. All teaching and study is still coming from the minds and thoughts or feelings of other humans. The human program is heavily influenced by its ego thinking patterns.

Knowing God, therefore, must be personal, intimate and have an inner voice that is integrated under that influence. It is something that is like a partnership. It needs to be sought after and connected until it has a firm trust to be anchored from within that knows it exists without a doubt. Sound impossible? It would be without a super plan of God to reveal Himself in everything once this awakening, awareness and connection had not been planned from the beginning. The light of God is in everyone and is called His Spirit. It illuminates the mind and body to ascend above the programs and to know things it could not know if it were separated or thought from parts of a split self in combat or conflict with itself.



The Spirit man is connected through the Spiritual realm from a top down process. All energy  gets divinely converted in thought formation, with emotions opening hearts to compassion over anger and judgment, and take on a new body that is regenerating from the new mind and how it feels about its identity as made in the image of God. All of these aspects begin to balance and harmonize when relationships are seen from grace and love as described by God with the way of unconditional love. Source Love is perfect and is ready to cast our all fear senses.


This love must come through inspiration that overcomes fear and guilt and finger pointing at each other. This way of love endures and is patient, kind, not envious, nor boiling over with jealousy, pride, or arrogance. It is not rude and act against self and others. It is not anxious or fretful with worry as its leader. The way of love does not keep records of wrong or rejoice over injustice and unrighteousness since it is able to bear and prevail until it does become whole, integrated and holy as the One mind that knows it is precious, formed by God and can nothing can change that form or separate it from anything.


This mind and spirit is accelerated by faith connected from new thoughts that know and imagine upon things true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, and praise all that God gives and sees it as a blessing. Once mankind partners with God, the mind, body and spirit of God expresses through that soul and comes out of the old ways of pain and suffering into healing and wholeness that keeps unfolding through the perfection of the Source of all energy and creation. This Source is infinite and eternally regenerating its best aim for us as its progeny.

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