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I am the Light

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Divine Power Lines

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More Power For Something

Than Against

Focusing heavily on the past, whether in a negative or a positive way, is detrimental to you and your ability to move forward with your life. In addition, when you have not gotten ‘clear’ of the things of your past, you are at risk for forecasting them on the future. Focusing on past positive events can be harmful as well. You  run the risk of comparing everything that happens from then on, to that one “perfect” event or belief system. Future events never quite measure up.  . Focusing on the past can negatively affect every decision you make, dictating your future. The first step in putting an end to this behavior once and for all is to resolve to let it go. You must make this intentional. Choosing to begin letting go of the issues or moments you’re holding onto will allow you to finally move forward with your life and grow as a person.

Another Vision of the book: "Divine Power Lines"

Knowing the Way In is the

Way Out of feeling helpless and disempowered


Stress and its effects on You

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