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                                   How Stress Contributes To Depression And Anxiety

When you learn how stress can result in depression and anxiety, you may be able to prevent it before it gets out of hand. The truth is that all humans exist under the influence of these two energetic vibrational pulls. Most people operate under the mood swings of these two polarities. Anxiety gets us worked UP and depression takes us down. Those emotional mood swings creates both HIGHS AND LOWS and the confusions of back and forth. This means that very few people are able to maintain a stable presence of balance in each now moment. Therefore, they will live in the frequencies of whatever ‘swings’ they are swinging with and whatever occupies their focus.

STRESS is actually what is created within the body of all humans as they currently survive in a state of doing what the outer forms of pressure require without a stable core sense of identification with a True Self Image or Identify.

Direct and Indirect Effects of Stress:

Stress directly affects your mood. When you’re under stress, you can begin to suffer cognitive changes, insomnia, and irritability that can directly lead to more depression and anxiety. Stress can also result in indirect effects that lead to depression and anxiety.

When you are under stress, you often fail to execute some of the coping strategies you need to have in place in order to stay mentally healthy. Therefore, old coping strategies and unhealthy substances will be the forces that direct your behaviors. Under stress is under the influence of the lower energies of fear and worry or doubt and uncertainty. These forces require some sort of numbing or dumbing down as they create more intense inner pressures to battle.

Stress can lower your mood, leading to depression and can raise your anxiety level by keeping you chronically worried. An example of this would be excessive stress at work. This can cause you to overwork so that you don’t take the time to do those activities, like yoga and jogging, as much as you should. This isolates you and leads to depression. 

Early Depressive Symptoms can create further Stress:

When you are continually under stress and find yourself experiencing changes in your mood, this can result in a spiraling of your mood so you become excessively depressed.

An example of this would be becoming so irritable at work that you get a complaint about your behavior. This makes you even more stressed out and can have a negative impact on your mood.

In addition, when your concentration is impaired, you make more mistakes and this can lead to added stress and depression. When couples with the energies of angst, there will be reactions and panic and all kinds of outflows from those pent up energies. Meanwhile, there is a continual disconnect with a true core or center for balance and stability (homeostasis is off).

Relationship Difficulties:

Things like withdrawing, being irritable, and overworking can lead to strife within your relationships. When you are over-stressed, you are less available on an emotional level to your loved ones. The state of equilibrium is tipped down and a cycle of shame and blame occurs.

All of our past history, individually and collectively includes states of depression and anxiety. All relationships have suffered from too attached to others (co-dependency) or detached (avoidant or anti-social). Pay attention to that and pay closer attention to your relationships. If the strife in the relationship gets too big, it can result in one member of a partnership wanting to leave the other, and this can lead to increased anxiety and depression. Separation from others comes from a separation within self first. It will often be projected onto another person, place or thing.

Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms:

If you engage in unhealthy coping skills because of stress, this can negatively affect your mood. It may cause you to smoke more cigarettes or drink more alcohol—both things that are not only physically bad for you but affect your emotions as well. Practicing coping through avoiding your stressors only increases the stress in your life, which results in anxiety and depression. There are obviously many ways we abuse things like sex, drugs, substances of all kinds to make us feel better that actually do the opposite.

Disrupted Routines in your Life:

You need to self-regulate and keep the routines in your life, well, routine. Keeping a tight schedule and doing things as they are meant to be will raise your mood and stave off feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety.

Try to go to sleep at the same time every night, keep consistent eating, and exercise routines so that you are less stressed and your life will be less chaotic. Chaos in your life only leads to added anxiety and depression.

Ways to Prevent Stress-related Depression:

Here are some tips you can make use of to prevent depression from taking over:

  • Keep track of early indicators that tell you that you are headed toward anxiety and depression. If you notice you’re getting more irritable, it is time to slow down and keep the stress level to a minimum.

  • Make yourself aware of what coping strategies you do have. Use those strategies as much as possible so that you don’t get yourself into a cycle of stress and depression.

  • Keep track of those barriers that prevent you from functioning under stress.

  • Practice really healthy self care that matches the way you desire to feel about yourself.

  • Use your relationships as resources for good health. You will need them when you are under stress and you may avoid depression just by spending time with loved ones at crucial times in your life.

Do Your Work:

What does this mean? I have another page that discusses how to use Mental and Emotional Helpers such as therapists and coaches that will really guide you in the ways that are best.

If you can afford it, try hiring a therapist to help you deal with the stressors in your life so that you don’t go downhill when the stressors start to pile on.

A certain amount of stress is normal and you can learn techniques from your therapist that will help you cope before the stress leads to a decrease in mood or a case of anxiety.

Awaken to the truth of your real Identity. You are not merely a physical being that operates like machinery. Become Aware of your personal self and the identity of the Real YOU. That can only be found through Introspection and taking a person journey inside with inner guidance.

What is Inner Guidance? We all have a higher self that has access to faculties within that come alive when you choose to allow their presence. Our spirit has a wiring that works like a path but you must choose to walk in its light vs. trying to work from ego or human self guidance systems.

Other people’s opinions of you are just that: OPINIONS that are formed from their mental or emotional states. It is unwise to give your authority over to anyone else’s opinion of WHO you are, what you SHOULD or SHOULD NOT do, and how you need to live your life. We are all given free will and choice to operate our own life.

It is necessary to dive deep within your inner journal and see what path you decide to take. Often it is more like blazing a new trail, as the old one is so full of human pathology (that pathology that was handed down or over to you by other humans must be released or integrated through some kind of redeeming restorative process).

So, what is the WORK? The work is to know that is why you are on earth. You hare here to uncover your true self identity and operate from your super powers that are right within you.

The WORK is an ongoing process that is always in progress to turn out good. Think of turning out good as making you the best product of YOU that there is and know that is infinitely good. You must KNOW that you are amazing and that there is no junk in you that is unworthy or can keep you down in depression or feeling anxious (worried about).

Anxiety triggers can help you when you correspond their reactions with the energy that calms and soothes your anxious self or gives you contentment and stability. Meditation and other forms of solitude such as prayer and contemplation that seeks to know are most helpful.

Feeling down, ‘blue’ or depressed is most often a call for comfort and nurture for your sense of abandonment or aloneness. When you feel in LACK, there is a matching attack voice that tells you no one cares or understands you. You often FEEL insecure and that can pair with despair.

Be sure to read all the helpful information on the other pages on this site to help you ascend.
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words article
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                                                      WORDS TO CONTEMPLATE________________________________




Absolved means to be vindicated and free or cleared of charges of crime
Incriminate means to Charge or show evidence, fault or involvement in

Choosing means to select freely and decide after consideration, elect to
Forcing means using strength or pressured energy from ‘having to’ do it

Allowing means permitting or reckoning as an aim to approve/consider
Authoritative gives dictatorial or tyrannical and dogmatic approaches


The following are more words to notice. Look up their meanings for
your own ways of forming self concepts or form inner constructs, voice
and values that align with your true Highest Observer that speaks in
tones you personally value and desire to hold within your ideal self.
Respectful                       Inspirational                     Unifying
Whereas                          Whereas                            Whereas
Demeaning                     Mundane                           Divisive


Check into what you believe about yourself and ask if there are ways
you treat others and treat yourself that you could shift to align and
harmonize better with the Aims you have to have life in a Best Well Self

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Could You Be Suffering From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?













It is not my intent to label anyone with any disorder or any other label! It is my intent to take a closer look into what we have labeled as PTSD and perhaps, rethink it as a normal human condition. As a professional therapist for over two decades in private clinical practice, I noticed that every one of my clients had symptoms of PTSD. Most of my patients were not diagnosed with severe psychotic issues. However, most of them were easily triggered by certain situations that would put them in a reactive state. I did discover that they all had childhood ‘issues’ that were behind their reactive behaviors that were interfering with living the life they desired


While I do not want to minimize anyone’s suffering or PTSD, I also do not want diminish or compare what is traumatic from one person to another. Many people I know (including my clients) are excellent actors and actresses at playing roles that pretend everything is ‘fine.’ I believe we need to take a look into all of our ‘pasts’ just to take inspection of things that we have blocked or repressed that still haunt us. I am a total advocate of everyone doing their inner work to get to the bottom of their issues and understanding their roots.

Does this mean I am looking to blame or find fault? No, it actually means I would like to level the playing field to raise awareness that childhood on planet earth has traumatic stages for most children. Children are trained to adapt and play roles that create a false self with concepts of their ‘self image’ made up to include false beliefs about themselves. All children are innocent and have adults telling them ‘lines’ to think or say. These lines become a learned program of default settings.

Risk Factors for PTSD

Anyone can present with PTSD, at any time, regardless of age. It can happen to children, those who have been subjected to a sexual or physical assault, also, to war veterans. People who have survived a natural disaster or accident are also at risk for PTSD. Women have historically had an increased likelihood of PTSD. Anyone who has experienced any type of ‘bullying behaviors’ will definitely be at risk. Not everyone who survives a stressful event goes on to develop PTSD. Living in pressure filled homes, society, cultures, religions, dealing with race issues, gender identity, abuse (verbal, physical and emotional), having to keep secrets, tell lies, or being in any tense atmosphere can be at the root of PTSD. Therefore, anyone could qualify.


Generalized Risk factors for PTSD include the following:

  • Surviving a trauma or dangerous event

  • Having childhood trauma

  • Getting injured

  • Seeing someone else get hurt

  • Feeling excessive fear, horror, or helplessness

  • Having a mental health disorder in the past

  • Having no social support after the trauma

  • Having stress that occurs as a result of the trauma

Factors that can mitigate the impact of PTSD being carried forward:

  • Being able to respond effectively despite the fear involved

  • Having good coping skills

  • Feeling good about one’s actions during the event

  • Seeking out a support group after the trauma

  • Having support from loved ones after the trauma

  • Doing work to clear the negative energy that trauma creates


Treatments for PTSD:

Most people get better from the disorder with a combination of psychotherapy, meditation or other internal practices of prayer and daily exercise. Some people need medications for anxiety and depressive signs for a short time to stabilize symptoms while working to release or integrate reactions. Most do better if they have a qualified therapist with whom they can process the memories of the trauma in order to eventually overcome fears and triggers that set off that same feeling memories. One must seek the best trauma trained people for this work.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is more common than you would think and you may be suffering from it without even knowing. We do know PTSD is a mental disorder that occurs in people who have witnessed or lived through an event that they considered to be dangerous, shocking, scary, or life threatening. Think about this during COVID!

While it is normal to be fearful after going through a traumatic incident, not everyone will react the same to future triggers in the same way. Fear energy can trigger many changes in the body to cause it to defend against perceived danger or to avoid it altogether. This is called the “fight, flight or freeze” response to the trigger, and is a normal reaction designed to keep us away from danger. It is a great defense system for human survival. My observations tell me that this has become a way of life for most humans now.

Many people appear to recover from a traumatic event without disease, aftereffect, condition or injury. However, people continue to experience the stress from the trauma long after the stressor is gone if the traumatic event (s) is left untreated. It is these people that go on to develop PTSD. Notice how many people are now under the influence of reactive and other fear behaviors during this divisive time of politics, COVID and other stressors.

Signs and Symptoms of a former clinical diagnosis of PTSD:

PTSD is divided into chronic PTSD and acute PTSD. Acute PTSD is short-term and begins within three months of the incident that caused the trauma. It can, however, happen years after the trauma is over with. Symptoms usually last longer than a month in order to be called PTSD. Some people get better after six months, while others have symptoms lasting for years after the trauma. 

This diagnosis of PTSD depends on having all of the following symptoms for at least a month:


  • At least one symptom relating to the avoidance of the stressor

  • At least one symptom related to re-experiencing the trauma

  • At least two reactivity and arousal symptoms

  • At least two mood or cognition symptoms

The re-experiencing symptoms can include the following:

  • Flashbacks, in which the trauma is relived over and over again

  • Nightmares of the incidence

  • Fearful thoughts of the incident

  • Seamless patterns of reactive behaviors (often triggered by similar energy)

These types of experiences must cause some type of problem in the person’s normal routine. Situations, objects, or certain words that remind the person of the event can trigger a re-experiencing symptom.

Avoidance symptoms can include the following:

  • Having difficulty remembering the stressor

  • Losing interest in activities they used to enjoy

  • Feeling emotions of worry, depression, or guilt

  • Feeling emotional numbness

  • Avoiding events, places, or objects that remind the person of the event


Reminders of the traumatic event can trigger symptoms of avoidance. They may become so severe that they interfere with the individual’s usual routine.

Reactivity and arousal symptoms include the following:

  • Feeling always on edge or tense

  • Suffering from outbursts of anger

  • Having problems sleeping

  • Startling easily


These are usually constant symptoms that are not necessarily triggered by those things that remind the person of the stressful event. 

Mood and cognition symptoms may include the following:

  • Loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy

  • Feeling guilt or blame about the incident

  • Having negative thoughts about the world or the individual

  • Having difficulty remembering the trauma


Mood and cognition symptoms can begin after experiencing the trauma. They can cause the person to feel alienated or detached from loved ones. PTSD is also often related to substance abuse, anxiety, or depression due to the repression of stuffing the feelings experienced. 

Being non-clinically under the influence of PTSD:

As a trauma trained therapist and as a PTSD survivor myself, I used to consider that this was just a condition that some had and that we could just put a label on the person. As I delved deeper into the study of PTSD, I found some researchers like Dr. Bessel VanderKolk who fought for even deeper labels of Complex PTSD (CPTSD). Research was showing that many of the people being treated for PTSD had so many other issues as well that were at the root of their disordered mind. To make it simple, I will not go into all that research but you can look it up online if you choose.

For this article, I will just say that personally, as both a survivor and having worked with hundreds of survivors, I am confident that anxiety and depression all are linked to varying degrees of PTSD. Since we are all connected in some way, there is a ripple effect that cannot be ignore, as it is giving out a collective PTSD that is quite obvious (especially, since the COVID pandemic). Our fear based human nature is shifting to impact and connect everyone to experience chronic stress which leads to this collective post trauma (because it is impossible to process all the things that appear to scare our sense of normalcy now).

So, what is the answer to collective PTSD?

It isn’t simple because it does require as many as possible to attain ‘herd immunity’ to their individual PTSD which means that everyone would learn how to quickly process past traumas (and the importance of doing that work). At the same time, humans would learn how to live PRESENT with their true self (once they cleared out the past memories and impressions that have been hidden within). Living in the present and out of a true self, and not trauma reactive self, is amazing.

Once people can learn to use meditation, yoga exercise, journaling, introspection and other spiritual avenues to connect with the Source of healing and wellness, they will be able to feel the presence of new energy that harmonizes within their personal self and with others.

Taking time to imagine your self-mage as one that is unconditionally loved by the Highest Power in the Universe (God). Form all self-conceptions from that Source. That will change us!

Right now, Imagine the personal ways that might change your focus and how you talk to yourself and others. Imagine how that might have a ripple effect throughout humanity.

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       Divine Life is the Reconnecting of true Power to the Source of Divine Power Lines


It is based on an Integrated Life that comes to be from knowing its Creator and allowing that Source to form a whole new self with a regenerated mind through an intimate relationship with I Am. I am is the first narrative of ‘you’ that becomes connected with a stable new mind, body and spirit in harmony with all aspects of self. It transcends the old human way of thinking using divisions and separate aspects of self and others that form schisms within and get projected out to the external world and its contents.















It is a process that is new daily and is gained through introspection and seeking help from within to grow from the seeds of spirit potential. Simply using human knowledge is limited by the outer world with its distractions and confusing opinions full of disconnected noise and faulty influences. The inner world of the spirit is quiet, reflective and meditative and finds its truth from higher aspects of its divinity. The inner world is a world seeking to find peace within that is not dependent on others. It is based on wisdom and love that transcends the human foundations.


All Human minds are split and double as they are in parts or aspects that are combating each other. The conflict within all human nervous systems is based on animal natures that automatically react from fight or flight. Humans do that same behavior model but the difference is that humans are not created to merely survive. Humans are designed to rise above animal instincts and find connections with God, self and others so they can thrive and take dominion (self sovereignty). Humans are equipped with a potential baseline automatic program that is connected to a higher mind and smart brain that is like a computer that can make rational and reasonable decisions. That mind is connected to the human spirit and cannot be severed. Humans are given the choice to turn away from its power. This is a choice of their free will and it keeps them free to keep experiencing and learning from their trials and erroneous thinking patterns if they choose those.


Training, learning for human children without the influence of the Spirit of God will be full of information and mirroring based on the society and adults they were raised in and will still be under the influence of more programming even when taught to think critically. In addition, the programs of religious, political, educational, business, and all societal or cultural programs will influence the human brain. Currently, most humans are using a linear or double mind that is full of programs that are full of false constructs. This is often confusing to children bred under its captivity and gives rises to mixed or separated/divisive messages. Those messages are locked into the brain and its nervous systems full of energy that carries repressed emotions that were filed in their raw forms.






The integrated mind has taken the journey that goes within to connect to true self in three aspects using the mind, body and spirit located within each human. These  areas get turned on and connected to the corresponding aspects of the Highest Best self-image as made in the image of The Creator of all that is real and forms everything. Through seeking and joining with those Divine Power Lines, a new self-image and world view appears fully connected to the Source or Spirit of God using a voice that speaks with a personal influence to each of its children. Some people refer to this as Supernatural Intelligence or Consciousness or the God of all creation. Those who seek this God through the spiritual realm do tap into its Presence through an inner knowing. New bonding happens and our being shifts over and over as it unfolds with the new light radiating truth and Perfect love.









Imagine it this way. Humans are three part beings : mind, body and spirit. At their highest best point, they are still that in form. Seeking that Highest, Best Source is a journey and like any journey taken, it needs a good Guide. The Spirit of God is the Guide. This Guide has a system that is analogous to a View…like humans use a worldview. The worldview God uses is called His Kingdom or the Kingdom of God and is located in potential energy in all that is. We can see it in nature as things unfold as they are meant to be. Examples might be the butterfly and its stages of metamorphosis or any animal that goes from its baby form to its adult creature. It changes and grows and develops. Imagine yourself to be that way. YOU begin as a baby, learn and are trained as a ‘kid’ and begin to shape habits and thought patterns as you grow.







When a human stops growing physically and only matures his mind (or, not) with the world and its constructs and concepts, even knowledge gained will continue to be under interpretation of those old systems and trainings of mind and body as though they were separated from God even though that is an illusion. All teaching and study is still coming from the minds and thoughts or feelings of other humans. The human program is heavily influenced by its ego thinking patterns.

Knowing God, therefore, must be personal, intimate and have an inner voice that is integrated under that influence. It is something that is like a partnership. It needs to be sought after and connected until it has a firm trust to be anchored from within that knows it exists without a doubt. Sound impossible? It would be without a super plan of God to reveal Himself in everything once this awakening, awareness and connection had not been planned from the beginning. The light of God is in everyone and is called His Spirit. It illuminates the mind and body to ascend above the programs and to know things it could not know if it were separated or thought from parts of a split self in combat or conflict with itself.



The Spirit man is connected through the Spiritual realm from a top down process. All energy  gets divinely converted in thought formation, with emotions opening hearts to compassion over anger and judgment, and take on a new body that is regenerating from the new mind and how it feels about its identity as made in the image of God. All of these aspects begin to balance and harmonize when relationships are seen from grace and love as described by God with the way of unconditional love. Source Love is perfect and is ready to cast our all fear senses.


This love must come through inspiration that overcomes fear and guilt and finger pointing at each other. This way of love endures and is patient, kind, not envious, nor boiling over with jealousy, pride, or arrogance. It is not rude and act against self and others. It is not anxious or fretful with worry as its leader. The way of love does not keep records of wrong or rejoice over injustice and unrighteousness since it is able to bear and prevail until it does become whole, integrated and holy as the One mind that knows it is precious, formed by God and can nothing can change that form or separate it from anything.


This mind and spirit is accelerated by faith connected from new thoughts that know and imagine upon things true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, and praise all that God gives and sees it as a blessing. Once mankind partners with God, the mind, body and spirit of God expresses through that soul and comes out of the old ways of pain and suffering into healing and wholeness that keeps unfolding through the perfection of the Source of all energy and creation. This Source is infinite and eternally regenerating its best aim for us as its progeny.

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